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  • 161 Brooms Road, Dumfries,
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we create software to scale

We apply tried and tested processes to determine size and scope of all needs and plan out development accordingly.

We are creative in our thinking, bringing our wealth of expertise to the table in order to guide, advise and deliver the software that fits.

We provide a range of services, including architectural design/implementation, team mentorship/training, due diligence, code review and general consultancy work. We specialize in long term engagements, the CodeArcs team integrates fully into portfolio companies.

We believe in choosing the right tools for the job.

We employ the strengths of many languages and systems, drawing on years of experience to provide codebases that are extensible as standard.

Coding primarily in Java, JavaScript and PHP, we have a wealth of robust, re-usable tools at our disposal which have been applied across many enterprise level systems. We are big proponents of open source software and use cloud services like AWS to maximise cost efficiency and scale.

We provide the full stack, from the ground up. Assessing needs and configuring scalable software and the platform on which it runs.

We are continually evaluating new techniques, tools and services to provide our clients with the best stable and usable software available.

We know how to handle scale. Scale to fit client needs, scale to cope with demand.

As hardcore software architects, we know the techniques and software engineering principals required to power real scale. Whether it is building large scale web farms, or batch based processing, we architect systems that will handle the influx of volume as and when it strikes.

While we are equipped to handle scale, we are not in the business of over engineering. Choosing the right path may mean starting small and planing ahead for evolution.

Our engagements with clients are always long term, years, not months. Sometimes that means supplementing in-house development teams, on other occasions we are entirely responsible for software development.

Working with clients over longer periods helps us develop an in-depth understanding of the business. This means we can develop a concise plan of action going forward. We are fortunate to have a wealth of expertise at our disposal, affording us the knowledge and experience to see that plan through and leave a lasting impact.